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Secure Your Child's Future

Having disaster protection could get the future for your kids in the event that you have a less than ideal demise. With an extra security strategy, there would be sufficient pay to help pay for all your kid could require while growing up.

Protect Your Spouse

Disaster protection can supplant the pay you would ordinarily get and help uphold your life partner or grown-up kids. Keeping your friends and family living in the manner they are acclimated with is something essential to consider

Cover Funeral

A life assurance policy can easily cover the value of a funeral. Your family is going to be ready to consider you and have peace of mind without being burdened by funeral costs.

Protecting Retirement

Life insurance can help support a surviving spouse during his or her retirement.

Our representative would love to help you with the best deals.

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Buying Life insurance is all about protecting the most important thing in your life which is your health and your family. Most of the process of getting Life Cover is confusing and most of the time you will miss out either on any benefit or crucial price point, however, it’s not the same now. At Defy Insurance, we are committed to providing you with affordable and easily accessible Affordable Life Insurance or Best Life Cover  to take your pain once for all by making you talk to one of our experts first.

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Most of the process of getting Life Cover is confusing and most of the time you will miss out either on any benefit.


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There is no “one size fits all” policy that’s right for everybody , because no two people have precisely the same needs. An elderly widow who only wishes to buy her own burial expenses would require a way different life insurance policy than a 40 year old who is that the primary earner during a family with children.

While experts disagree on the precise formula for income replacement, most estimate that, at a minimum, an individual needs a life coverage adequate to six fold their annual income. Ultimately, the sole “wrong” answer is not any coverage in the least .

Contact your Defy Insurance Group agent today, and that they can assist you with balancing future needs together with your current financial capabilities.

Term life assurance is that the most affordable sort of life assurance or life cover because it only provides coverage for a limited period of your time . Life insurance Policies vary, though, and may range from five years up to thirty years. As long because the policyholder dies within the period of time laid out in his or her policy, the insurer is obligated to pay the advantages fully .

The risk with buying term life assurance is that the policy holder may “outlive” the coverage. When this happens, the policy terminates, and you’re given the choice to renew. However, the new premiums will most certainly be higher, because you’ve got aged. Still, term life assurance is a beautiful option for several people, because it allows them to shop for coverage at a lower cost and when it’s needed most.

Permanent life assurance , on the opposite hand, offers lifetime protection as long as you still pay your premiums. All age groups can cash in of the safety and peace of mind that permanent life assurance offers. Retirees can guarantee that their loved ones are going to be provided for after they’re gone, and children looking to start out a family can cash in by buying early and locking during a great, low rate.In some instances, a mixture of both term life and permanent coverage is desirable. Contact your Chase Insurance Group agent today to work out which solution is best for you.

While the first reason for purchasing life assurance is to supply financial security for your loved ones after your death, many policies offer benefits which will be employed by the policy holder during their lifetime.

Accelerated benefit : Terminally ill patients can forgo their benefit in exchange for a payment adequate to the life assurance policy’s face value.

Portability: Take advantage of group rates and therefore the convenience of direct billing by taking your life assurance plan with you once you retire or switch careers.

Waiver Of Premium: This feature allows you to stay your coverage albeit you become seriously ill or disabled and are unable to pay your premiums.

Cash Accumulation: By paying in more than your regular premiums, some policies allow you to extend the quantity of your benefit . Likewise, cash accumulation also can be wont to increase the loan amount available to policyholders while they’re living.


Who you select as your beneficiaries is one among the foremost important decisions a Life  policy holder makes. you’ll have the choice to designate one primary beneficiary or multiple ones. If multiple beneficiaries are designated, you’ll got to decide how the benefit is allocated between them. Beneficiaries aren’t required to be actual people. Legal entities like foundations, charities, or trusts can also are eligible.

As a precautionary measure, you’ll also got to designate “contingent” or secondary beneficiaries within the event that you simply outlive your primary beneficiaries. you ought to take the time to review your beneficiaries annually as they will be changed throughout the lifetime of the policy for any reason.

If you’ve got additional questions regarding the method of selecting your beneficiaries, please contact your agent, and that they are going to be happy to help you.

As a general rule, if there are people who depend on you for financial support, like a spouse, children, or aging parents, then you’re a good candidate for life insurance. If you contribute to your household through cooking, cleaning, or childcare, a policy can account for the costs of replacing that labor.

Additionally, if you have debt that another person will have to assume, like a mortgage or student loan debts, it’s a good opportunity to look into life insurance.

Life insurance can be tailored to your specific needs, taking into account your family’s financial picture and your future financial security. The amount of life insurance you need depends on your goals, your family, and the expenses you want your family to be able to cover once you are no longer there to support them.

Here are three separate scenarios to consider:

If you simply want to cover your end-of-life expenses and funeral costs so that your family is not burdened by these expenditures, you might want to buy a small term life policy, such as $10,000 to $20,000 worth of coverage.

You would want to choose a larger life insurance policy if you have dependents and you are the primary income earner for your household. People with dependents often buy term policies in amounts ranging from $500,000 to $2 million or more to ensure that their dependents’ needs will be met. Add your family’s cost of living, your personal and household debt and the projected costs of your children’s education as a starting point to determine the amount of coverage you need.

If you want your life insurance policy to accrue value and work for you or for your family as an investment vehicle, you might want to buy one of several different types of permanent life insurance. In this case, you have several different options. For example, you could purchase a $1 million term life insurance policy and begin converting over portions of the policy to a whole life insurance policy each year to build a growing cash account that will serve your needs in retirement.

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