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Know About Beneficiary Before You Get Life Insurance Policy At Affordable Price

Are you planning to get life insurance policy at affordable price? Are you aware of basic terms used in life insurance? Do you know what does beneficiary means in life insurance? If you are wondering to invest your money to purchase a life insurance policy at affordable price, then you must have come across these types of question. If you have some doubts about life insurance, premiums, coverage, then get in touch with the Insurtika– one of the top 10 insurance companies in USA to clear your doubt.

In today’s post, let us give you an overview of beneficiary in life insurance. So, let’s get started.

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What Is Beneficiary?

The beneficiary in a life insurance policy refers to the person/ entity entitled as the recipient of the death benefits. It can be any individual – spouse, family member, a person other than blood relation, or even a business partner, or other organization. The selection of beneficiaries is the sole decision of the policyholder. You don’t need to ask for any approval from the insurer or the beneficiary to make them your beneficiary, says Insurtika – one of the top 5 life insurance companies in U.S.     

You can also select more than one beneficiary of your choice. However, it’s your sole decision to decide how to split the death benefits among them. 

Does A Beneficiary Need To Do Anything to Claim The Death Benefits? 

The answer to this question is No. Your insurer will receive death benefits automatically, in case you die. But, it’s better to inform the beneficiaries in advance about the policy. It will help them prepare to take the needed actions, in case of any unwanted incident. However, it’s advised to give your beneficiaries the access required to process the policy. 

As per the records, a beneficiary doesn’t need to do anything when you get life insurance policy at affordable price. But, it’s advised to inform them in advance so that they can easily take the needed actions without any hassle. 

However, a beneficiary will require some documents to process the claim, which includes a death certificate and copy of policy/ contract. 

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